Make your bathroom a thing of beauty by adorning it with a glass vanity

Art can manifest itself in any form and in any place. Who would have thought that your bathroom could become a work of art! Now it is possible. Gone are the days when just a nice granite top was all that you thought was needed to make your bathroom look good. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom furnishings, try a glass vanity that will certainly add beauty to your wash basin area.

Available in all kinds of textures, colours and patterns, it gives the bathroom a custom made look and feel. What is more that the glass is easy to clean and maintain.

Not sure how it might look? Then check out the cherry blossom vanity created by the Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios. The frosted glass features beautifully carved and hand-painted images of cherry branches and blossoms. You can also place bulbs underneath the glass surface to give the glass an interesting underlighting. It will not only augment the artwork, but will also provide a soft and soothing illumination to the bathroom. Though this Vanity priced at $3,000 will not be affordable by everyone, but they sure can get some ideas.

Via: LuxuryHousingTrends , Sanssoucie

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