Black Elk Vodka Feels High On Design

Smirnoff, Absolute, Vintage and more, almost every famous Vodka brand has been presented to you in a transparent glass bottle. The smoothness of your drink can be seen impeccably through gleaming glass. Though time and again, the brands have experimented with the design, shape and labels on the bottle, one thing that stays largely the same is, transparency.

Very few Vodkas have ever been packaged in a coloured glass bottle. One such experiment is the designer Gold and Black Elk. While, Black Elk is a premium Vodka from the Finish Lapland, Gold Elk is its ultra premium version. The brand wanted to launch itself as young, trendy and unique. That is what resulted in a designer black Vodka bottle. Made of glass with black matte finish, it embodies attitude like no other. The shape too is quite bold with a large wide opening on top. So, the moment you see it, you can almost imagine pouring it on the rocks in a party full of friends. Moreover, the font and labels seem to perfectly blend with each other and work as a complete unit. In fact the graphics on the label give the whole bottle a masculine and powerful aura.

In all, the design is so different from what has been done in the world of Vodka that some people might end up criticising it. Yet this audacity itself will attract the young executives, and Vodka enthusiasts to this premium brand.

Via lovely package/frances

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