Paula Kent Meehan Offers Her Chartered Jet For Rent

Paula Kent Meehan isn’t really a very famous name but her ceation Redken hair care products company is. But next in line is her private jet which will become quite popular with all those who appreciate the finer things in life as it is made available for lease by its owner. We are told that it’s gonna cost you $5,000 per hour plus standard chartering costs that includes catering, landing fees, international fees and so on. Plus the rates can vary a bit depending on your itinerary.

Here’s some dope on the aircraft. It is an Aire Gulfstream IV that can accomodate up to 15 passengers with the utmmost ease. And if you wish to conduct any business meetings in air, the jet comes well-equipped with all the necessary razzmatazz. There is a satellite communications data system, inflight internet use and phone/fax communications that connects you all across the world.

Come the plush dining table that has 10 reclining seats. Then there is the forward cabin which comes with an electronic divider that can be activated to create sleeping berths for two or three people. The galley gives full service and so comes with Versace & Christofle china, crystal glassware, silver flatware and a varety of place settings and table decorarions.

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