Now Eat At & Sleep At The World’s First Underwater Restaurant

This time at the Hilton hotel, you can order the sea side up! Nope we haven’t lost our mind but the folks at the famous luxury hotel chain have just gone a bit more innovative. It is at the Maldives Resort that you can witness the beauty of the sea in all its glory while enjoying all the pamperings you are used to at all the Hilton hotels.

Welcome to the first undersea restaurant in the world at this very Maldives Resort. Might we add that the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa Rangali Island was started just five years ago and it already is quite a hot. From what we hear, you can also enjoy the benefits of a sleeping accomodation too thanks to its ongoing anniversary celebrations.

From what we hear, the 12 seater restaurant can be very conveniently converted into a private bedroom suite comfy enough for two. The champagne comes as a part of the package and so do the dinner and breakfast. All in bed. Dubbed Ithaa, the restaurant is situated five meters below the India Ocean bed and has been crafted mainly from plexiglass. Apparently, the fushion Maldivian cuisine on the menu is totally out of this world.

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