Dutton Mariner: A Beautiful Amphibious Car Best for Fishing on the Lake

If you love fishing and driving a car, and if you have been caught in conflict deciding between a boat and a car, then you have the best deal in amphibious Dutton Mariner. It is currently being sold by a Christchurch man on TradeMe. This beautiful amphibious car was built from a   two-door petrol car. It features four cylinders, 1800cc engine, alloy wheels, and a CD player.

You could have some added entertainment by listening to your favorite songs while you fish on the lake. It would be such an ideal time pass and a great way to relax. Apparently, it is believed that the previous owner of Dutton Mariner used to commute across Auckland Harbour. Besides, it had also been used in the fresh water at Lake Brunner. So, it already has a good history of recognition and its good quality.

The vehicle is absolutely sea-worthy and there is nothing to fear about driving it on the lake. However, the price of this vehicle may not let you drive so easily to the lake as the bidding rate starts at $24,000 on TradeMe. It is $22,100 more than Roofliss, the first amphibious car, which was auctioned at just $9,100 in September 2009 on TradeMe.

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