A couch that transforms into a punching bag!

It’s a couch! No! It’s a punching bag! Wrong! Its both! German designer Tobias Fraenzel has brought out a concoction that is supremely awesome! Ever felt the urge to punch someone or something while watching those nail biting serials on T.V? Well, this creative designer solves that problem. Relax and watch the T.V and knock sum punches into the attached punching bag to vent your frustrations.

The Champ sofa has a back cushion that can be pulled up and be transformed into a punching bag. It was created for Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi and showcased at Milan Design Week 2010.

There is no dearth of snazzy furniture these days. They have weird designs that catch the eye. Even this couch would add to the aesthetics of your living room, but it would also serve a purpose (other than being a place to sit of course). In a world where space has become a prized commodity, it is hard to find place to accommodate gym equipments. Voila! The Champ sofa will solve that problem. You will also be able to burn some calories during an advertisement by giving the back cushion/punching bag a few kicks and punches.

No word on the price yet or when it will be out in the markets. Keep an eye on the designer’s website for updates.

Via: Coolest Gadgets , TobiasFraenzel

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