Presenting The All New The Dwelling Lab. A Concept Car Turned Into A Comfort Zone

One of the biggest names in high end luxury automobiles and sports cars, BMW has teamed up with two well renowned designers, Patricia Urquiola and Giulio Ridolfo to create a new masterpiece called , “The Lab Dwelling”, which essentially is an effort on part of BMW and fabric maker Kvadrat and Flo to envision the BMW series 5 Gran Turismo from a whole new angle of comfort living. The reason behind the creation is incredible masterpiece is that, conventionally, consumers tend to look at a car and judge it on its appearance from the outside, when most of the time is spent inside the car.

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, has been the fruit of the hard work instilled by BMW  Group Design Director Adrian van Hooydonk and his team, who have taken the concept of a cross breed between a sedan, SAV and coupe to new heights. However, The Lab Dwelling takes the concept one step further, as the design shows huge cone-like structures, that seem to be jutting out of the vehicle, presenting an inviting look for the people to come have a look inside. This one of a kind installation will be available on display at the Salone Internationale del Mobile held in Milan all of this month.

According to Giulio Ridolfo,

“To enhance the spirit of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, we have integrated several unexpected details and accessories to create sensory experience and a mood of leisure and gentle surprise. Textile is the fundamental material: the geometrical cones are coated with 700 meters of Kvadrat’s “Max” in an special designed colour, and the car’s interior are upholstered with various other Kvadrat fabrics.”

Via Luxuo

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