Sky-and-Sea Soft Architecture Embellishes Interiors of Yacths


Owing a personal luxury yacht is not enough to make up for a status symbol. You got to embellish its interiors so as to hold your visitors in awe. Giancarlo Alhadeff, an Italian designer and Michael Lewis have taken up the job of beautifying the 164-foot ship hailed as ‘My Tzarina.’

The design architecture here is futuristic, coralline and believes in setting smooth corners devoid of right angles thus seamlessly integrating the interiors and fixtures to given an impression of sea-and-sky set up.  The architecture intends to bestow upon the user the experience of gliding through the inside of coral reef as sunlight would make its way through water surface. The choice of colors here are restricted to that of aqua-marine with soft fluid lines to retain the sea-like ambience.

The yacht which is being worked upon belongs to a Russian a real estate developer and hopes to set a milestone in the arena of yacht design. As you can see, the opportunities for design fraternity is growing by leaps and bounds, for their work was initially restricted to office and residential spaces and now even ships. So can we expect private jets and luxury airlines to follow the cult too?

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