What Can You Do For A Cup Of Coffee?

It wakes you up. It kick starts your day. It relieves your stress. It gives you company. It is your steaming cup of coffee. But what can you do for it? Well, unlike many of us who simply drink it, a group of coffee lovers in Australia actually grew it.

Long ago, in small inner city gardens of Woollomooloo, a coffee tree was planted. Growing amongst tiny plots of beans, artichokes, eggplants and so on, it was a weedy little tree. Until this year, when it bore real fruits. The group of gardeners was delighted and decided to brew themselves their own cup of coffee. Literally.

Hence began the work. They handpicked more than a kilogram of berries, both from the tree and the ones dropped at its base. These berries were then taken to Toby Smith, who owns a popular café at the Cathedral Street and was quite experienced in making coffee out of beans.

Toby first peeled the skin, or parchment from each seed. Then he roasted them to a light medium, such that the natural flavor stays as it is. The beans were roasted evenly and beautifully. After the whole process of growing, harvesting, roasting and grinding, done by the group themselves, there was 300 grams of hand made coffee. The entire group met in the same garden and brew their ceremonial cup of coffee.

If counted it would come out to be the most expensive cup of coffee, but nothing compared to the love for coffee.


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