Presenting The All New TvHat, To Make Your TV More Personal

Every individual is different, with different taste in clothes, watches, shoes, music, movies, videos and so on. You might love to watch something which your boyfriend, friend, mom, dad or colleague totally hates. So why not have a theatre that only plays what you want. Your own personal theater. Something that not just shows the videos of your choice, but doesn’t let people know what you are watching. Something like this new TV Hat, which lets you enjoy your video in peace and carry it around too.

This hat is specially designed to hold an iPod, iPhone, or any other portable media player with a mini screen. The 2.5x magnification screen coupled with the flaps around the hat create a movie theatre like experience. What can be better than just relaxing near the pool and enjoying your favourite video. Or traveling in a car and watching a show on the go.

Now you can literally put on your video. So watch whatever you want to, wherever you want and let the world watch you.

Via Coolest Gadgets & Gear Fuse

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