Foster’s leaves no stones unturned to promote its Crown Ambassador Reserve beer

Beer is not one of those drinks which we associate with terms like “rare” and “limited edition”. But the world famous beer manufacturer Foster’s Group is going to change that. Their Crown Ambassador Reserve costs about $90, with some bottles fetching up to $800 at auctions. This high pricing is part of their marketing strategy in which they hope to attach more prestige to this specially selected brew. Apart from the pricing, they will also bolster its value by releasing a limited edition of the Crown Ambassador Reserve.

Having set sights on creating a niche for this beer, the people at Foster’s will leave no stones unturned and for the first time in three years since the launch of Crown Ambassador Reserve will try to get it into the wine lists of top restaurants. Foster’s premium beer group marketing manager Ben Summons said that the decision to get the beer into top restaurants was intended to add more prestige to the brand. “We are looking at premium beer drinkers who actively enjoy exploring different brews. Crown Lager is a timeless classic and we were looking . . . to bring to life some of the key aspects of the Crown brand.”

This specially created beer has twice the strength of traditional Crown and the company has hired Austrian glassmaker Riedel to create a glass designed to bring out the beer’s strong flavour. Crown is ranked as the top selling domestic premium beer in the Australian market. Let us see if Crown Ambassador Reserve repeats this success.

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