Black Glitters More Than Gold!

In this fast moving world, change seems to be the only constant thing. First we moved from cash to card, then from regular to gold, from gold to platinum and now it is the VISA Black card. This ultra exclusive card can get you almost anything at your service.

Imagine as you travel to a new place, all your evenings are already planned. Imagine as you step out for dinner, a shiny Black Mercedes-Benz S550 waits for you. Imagine it takes you to the most entertaining performance of your life, “Ovo” by Cirque du Soleil. Imagine immersing in the teeming and energetic world of unbelievable performers for two hours. Imagine being escorted to the most hunted restaurant in town, with the best table reserved just for you. Now stop imagining, because VISA Black card does it for real.

In fact, this is just a trailor, because the ultra exclusive Black Card from VISA offers horde of such sparkling offerings that will leave your eyes wide open. Their recently launched 24 hour concierge service will get you anything from a much vied restaurant reservation to a last minute flight. Or even better, a specialty shopping at your beck and call.

With just 1% of US residents flashing this card, Black is surely more envied than gold ever was.

Via Luxist

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