American Fashion Will Reveal the Glorious Past of Fashion

Fashion has always raised everyone’s curiosity, but hardly anyone tries to delve deep into the history of fashion. The history of fashion is as colorful as the any bold prints in the dresses of Dolce and Gabbana and Charlie Sceips has taken the pains of presenting the captivating past of fashion in the form of a book.

This encyclopedia of fashion focuses on the fashion trends prevailing in America since the 1950’s and for the same reason it is named as ‘American Fashion’. This book promises to cover up all the fads that have ever existed in the fashion industry from the day this ubiquitous term came into existence. These fashion fads will be illustrated by full-page pictures and detailed notes by the author. This effort has been commissioned by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to celebrate the golden era of fashion and to leave it as a legacy to the upcoming breed to nascent designers.

This book will certainly be treasured as it will be a limited edition of 300 copies, each copy will be priced at $500. For those who do not consider fashion a worthwhile endeavor can also become a part of the rat race by getting a cheaper version of this book at $50.

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