Trek Exchange Offers You a Smart Tour Guide

No matter how much one loves traveling, but by all odds, the fear of getting lost or getting hoaxed in a foreign country kills the enthusiasm. Having a reliable tour guide is a boon in such situations, but again, trusting a complete stranger isn’t a viable option after all! Fortunately, the above two situations will not bother you before planning a vacation anymore, as Trek Exchange brings to you your very own travel guide!

Trek Exchange provides an e-tour content that allows to you to decipher any cryptic street in this world. It can be downloaded on any current generation phone, an Mp3 device or an iPod. The tour content is full of pictures, related stories, routes and all the itsy-bitsy details that you, otherwise, wouldn’t have cared to know about. In short, it helps you become fully equipped and you won’t need to rely on unreliable sources to get the required information.

The service is not only limited to maps and routes, it also provides you with information about hotels and eating joints that would fit your budget! The price of this service ranges from $7 to $27 (which you would have anyways spent making calls to inquire the whereabouts of the places you intended to visit.)

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