$11000 Worth Chariot Skates Make Roller Blades a Mundane History

Mostly we have had design folks tossing out ahead-of-its-time water transport vehicles, bikes and cars. But Michael Jenkins’s area of prowess remained different. He created Chariot skates that boast of a number of advantages over the traditional roller skates.

Firstly, the conventional boots-roller design has been replaced by big groovy wheels. Here you feet are not accommodated in a shoe like structure; instead they are suspended below the axle thus delivering hours of hassle-free ride.  They give a speed of as much as 40km/hour and can handle rough mountain terrain. The wheel skates will leave the user exhilarated as it combines a few of sports like cycling, skiing and skating.

The only chop here is the exorbitant price tag of $11000. Only people who take sport seriously would probably think of processing these. Well, this can also double as means of personal transport system considering it doesn’t burn fossil fuel but your calories to help you travel around. But being ecologically safe doesn’t mean being an economical fool.

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