Roland Sands Designs Black Beauty Motorcycle Model

If you were looking for a great bike to ride, there are hundreds of them to choose from. However, being a connoisseur of luxury products, you would need to stick to the best brands available as most would not suit our high expectations and needs. Though Harley Davidson is a big name and is expensive, it is not really luxurious for it is coveted by regular bikers as well.

Thus, what you could do is get yourself a Roland Sands designed Black Beauty which really is true to its description. Thanks to thin, minimalist one-position Bitchin’ Seat Co. saddle, you could sit in a majestic and magnificent way. The RSD Platinum Cut Diesel wheel improves performance and the design strangely resembles a Harley anyway.

It is not clear how much the bike would cost, but it sure is a luxurious vehicle to transport yourself. The camshafts, cylinders, pistons, heads and valves have all been supplied by Küryakyn and is a great way to ride on something that is hot and shaft-like. In fact, you would feel like you are riding someone, instead of feeling like you are riding a bike.

Via: Motor Cycling Mag

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