League of Extraordinary Showers Princess of Natalia with Praises

Princess Natalia is an innovative yacht designed by Swedish designer Dennis Ingemansson. The yacht has been inspired by military aesthetics and comes with amazing power and versatility. Some of the features of the yacht includes sky-lounge, master suite, two VIP suites and guest rooms. Other features are a swimming pool and individual Jacuzzi in the fore part.

League of Extraordinary has recognized Princess Natalia as an extraordinary yacht that deserves accolades. The yacht looks strangely menacing and does not have the calm and placid look that most yachts come with. It looks ready to go for the kill, and seems like it can hold hundreds of murderous mafias thugs, who are really rich of course.

If you look at it from a different perspective, it almost feels like a ghost ship that roams around the sea in open, without a damn to human life or to the world around it. There si no information as to when the yacht would be available, and when it is if it would be sold to private buyers or would be a cruise ship.

Via: Live Yachting

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