1980s Game Fetches $31,600 on eBay!

Tanner Sandlin of Austin, Texas was a lucky guy indeed, since his old Atari game fetched an astounding amount of $31,600. He had kept the game in the attic and it is the second highest price paid for any video game. He had paid between $5 to $10 when he bought the game, and that too when he was about 10 years old.

There are only 13 known copies of the game and is one of the rarest games out there. This guy’s game was the only one that came in the original box. An Atari expert was enlisted to confirm the authenticity of the game. The man in his 30s bought the Air Raid game in 1984 or 85, and he bought it on a Tuesday Morning store in Arlington Texas when his mother took him there.

If you have any old video games lying in your house, try and get it listed on eBay, you never know how much you might receive for that old geeky game that you wished never existed. Most of us hate video games, since we are associated with luxury, yachts and fashion. However, there may have been times when we played games and if it can fetch us money like this, why not sell them and buy some haute-couture?

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