Le Cendrillon adjudged The Best Cheese in the World

There is no dearth of varieties of cheese in this world. You have Parmesan, mozzarella, blue cheese to name a few. But do you want to know which is considered the best cheese in this long list? Well, it is Le Cendrillon or The Cindrella from La Maison Alexis de Portneuf.

Now you would say who am I to decide which cheese is better than the other; after all, I am no cheese connoisseur. Just to allay your doubts, let me tell you that there is an actual World Cheese Awards and Le Cendrillon was adjudged the Best Cheese in the World by experts in the field. This is no ordinary feat for this cheese as it competed against 2,440 cheeses from 34 countries and was given the top spot after winning in all categories!

This top cheese is named for its ash-covered soft surface. This scrumptious cheese is made of goat milk and has a sharp and mouth-filling flavour, making it stand out from the other mild goat cheese spreads. The cheese has been described by La Maison Alexis de Portneuf as a ‚Äúvegetable ash-covered, soft surface-ripened soft goat cheese with a semi-strong, slightly sour taste that becomes stronger with age.”

It is produced in St-Raymond-de-Portneuf, west of Quebec and is available across Canada and in New York at Garden of Eden Gourmet Markets. One can purchase 125 grams of the cheese for approximately $5 at the boutique located at the factory.

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