Bye Bye Yachts, The Submersible Is Here

Do you have your fair share of luxury yachts in your private harbor? Then we think it is time for you to graduate from a yacht owner to becoming a submersible. The US-based Nautilus Submarines had created the VAS submersibles that are one of the best available options today. Apparently, it were the blimps that inspired these submarines which are one of the most advanced ones available for yachts especially because of its lockout capability that even allows he guests to dive from the submersible.

The technology is highly advanced and comes backed up by military grade construction. But that does not mean it is shorn of any luxury. They have it all there. There are options of a restroom, full sie stairs, minibar,  digital video and music players while ample of standing room to enjoy the stupendous undersea views.

The VAS can be launched directly from beneath any vessel, with the utmost silence. 12 passengers can be comfortably accommodated. Though there are some models which carry few but offer a higher speed and a better performance over all. The starting price is $2.7 million.

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