Museum Of Taxidermy Auctions Off Imaginary Stuffed Animals

There is a strong chance that both the fans of taxidermy and those who are not might take a liking to what the Museum of Taxidermy has to offer. A new collection is up for viewing. This one consists of various stuffed animal hunting trophies that belonged to a 19th century Victorian adventurer. The animals are almost real, we mean, they seem so thanks to the impeccable stuffing job that has been done on them.

Interesting to note is the fact that these animals are not just as they seem in real life. The taxidermist has indeed let his or her imagination gone wild. While there is a Yeti dressed like a snowman, there is a winged cat amidst the mermaid and the mythological unicorn that comes with the label, “Monoceros uncornis”.

There is a catch too. Since the Museum of Taxidermy has closed, the animals are up for sale. So, those of you who would not get spooked by rare creatures like a Siamese sheep or a Jackalope, which is a neary extinct antlered species of rabbit found in Wyoming, then this might be a chance to get something to last a lifetime and beyond. The auction is scheduled for today in Dorchester.

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