Cognac Ferrand Brings Out Anniv Special Platinum Rum

Alexandre Gabriel has completed 20 years at the helm of Cognac Ferrand. This is big news for the French producer which has decided to celebrate by launching an anniversary bottle from its Plantation Rum Collection. And we are in complete agreement, both with the gesture and the high-quality liquor. Gabriel has discovering the use of casks to mantain the flavor of rum to his credit.

This resulted in his launching his very own series of rums that were sourced from their original countries like Barbados, Jamaica, Panama, Trinidad and a few others. These spirits are taken to the Ferrand Estate where they undergo additional aging.

Gabriel has made sure, all these years that the rums are typically aged in bourbon or sherry barrels. And now brand Ferrand has taken this concept even further by maturing its rums in former cognac casks. The result? You get a deliciously complex spirit which is just right for the 20th anniversary celebrations. You can sense the warm notes of dried fruit, cinnamon and macaroons as well as banana and mango in every sip you take.

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