Mikael Lugnegard’s Seraphim Bike Draws From Timepieces

Mikael Lugnegard is not a very well-known name. But we bet, it soon will be. The man has presented the world with the Seraphim, which is a solid gold motorcycle. Though the entire motorcycle has not been covered in solid gold, as some would have liked it, it sure comes with an aesthetic that will set all speculations to rest. Lugnegard has taken extreme care to give an expertly detailed set of components to this two-wheeler.

There are front forks, a comfortable saddle-shaped seat and what not that makes the Seraphim the embodiment of the ultimate in vintage innovation. An intricate golden spoke design offers support to the bike’s heavy structure. The low-leveled , split handlebar lets the driver to embrace the vibrations of the engine while allowing the mean machine to reach maximum speeds.

With an elegant body, the Seraphim will indeed be an oasis on the style starved dusty streets of the highways. The gold plated chopper has indeed been made for the rich boys with some muscle. From what we hear, Lugnegard was heavily inspired by luxury timepiece when creating this one.

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