Young Explorer: A Great Workstation for Kids

If you have a kid at home who likes to mess with your computer and leave jam and jelly on the keyboard, you could go ahead and get one of these child friendly computers by Little Tikes. They have created a workstation that comes with a 1GB RAM and 160 HDD and of course Windows software. It would help the child to learn about computers even before joining school and that is perhaps a good idea, considering how important computers have become lately.

It also comes a 19 inch LCD display, software and colourful plastic and a huge price tag of $2,599.99. Instead of spending an amount like this, why shouldn’t one go ahead and get a good computer with a great graphics card and give it to the kid? They don’t always drop jam or butter on the keyboard either.

Instead of buying a toy that costs thousands of dollars, you could go ahead and buy something that is far more advanced but that which comes at a lesser price. This really would be a great idea if you asked me. So go ahead and get yourself a nice laptop or a desktop and give it to your kid unless you like colourful plastic.

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