Spaceport Design in Las Cruces Airport Beckons Futuristic Travellers

If you always dreamed of being an Astronaut but never got to study all that heavy rocket science in the University, you need not despair. You could still go ahead and visit space, while you are still alive. Space travel is developing at an unprecedented level and the Las Cruces Airport in New Mexico could just develop into a Spaceport, from where people would fly into space in order to discover what it is like high up in the space.

Norman Foster has also designed the first private spaceport and it would be used for tourism purposes. Richard Branson and equipment Virgin Galactic may be having a laugh themselves too! Foster & Partners have joined hands too, and though this may sound like a fake news, it apparently is real, and very real.

This would fulfil the dream of thousands who have the money and have been waiting to travel in space. It would be amazing when the Spaceport really begins to function sometime in future. However, there might be logistic and political delays for the Spaceport to function as we would want it to.

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  • The spaceport VIrgin Galactic will operate at in New Mexico is call Spaceport America. This spaceport will be the world’s first purpose built spaceport when completed in 2011. Virgin Galactic will lease space, to operate the world’s first spaceline, from the State of New Mexico who owns and will operate Spaceport America which is located 55 miles northeast of Las Cruces, NM. Spaceport America is designed and will accommodate multiple commercial space companies and their operations.

    The Las Cruces International Airport has no current plans to become a spaceport.

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