PARADE salary survey is back and Facebook founder tops the list

PARADE magazine’s next edition will feature the results of a salary survey done to find out the top earners of the country. The survey would also help decipher the salary trends post the global melt down. It’s not very shocking to find the celebrities and sportsmen topping the charts.

The survey has also witnessed high disparity between the cream of the society and the rest of the country. Parade’s press release has thrown light on this issue. As per the survey 19 of the featured celebrities on the list made $3.4 billion, while 106 “regular” Americans in the salary survey made a combined $7.6 million. The 19 celebrities thus made 450 times more money than the 106, ordinary people who participated in the survey.

PARADE’s annual salary report, “What People Earn,” has opened eyes to a stark reality. There is a huge disparity between the wages earned by celebrities, CEOs, the who’s who of the society and rest of the working class, who works very hard to earn a bit. This reminds me of the Capitalist vs Marxist theory I studied in school. Well, this indicates towards a society with ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

The topper of the survey was none other than Mark Zuckerberg, 25-year-old billionaire founder of Facebook, who earned $3 billion. Others in the list were Snooki, Tiger Woods etc. Compare them to an IT specialist from Hanover, who earned $40,000 in a year.

Via: CBS6Albany , Parade

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