Learn How to Build Your Own Stylus

If you are tired of using your fingers on the touchscreen of your iPhone or your iPad, what you could actually do is go ahead and get yourself a stylus that would help you to “write” on the iPad or an iPhone. While styluses need no introduction most are expensive and hard to find.

However, you could actually learn how to build one for yourself, and Adam Kumpf from the design firm Teague in Seattle shows you how you could build one for yourself. According to him, you could build the stylus yourself and use it with any iPhone, iPad, or any other device with a capacitive touch screen. All you would need is a pencil, an anti-static sock and loads of patience to sew it all up.

If you already have a device that works on the basis of touchscreen, you should go ahead and get yourself this cool stylus or build one for yourself. You could also take a look at the video on MakeZine which makes it easy for you to understand how to build one of these super cool gadgets for yourself. Of course, you need to be real patient to build it.

Via: MakeZine

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