Report: Apple Inc. Working On Mini Apple iPad! How Cool Is That?

Not even an month has passed since the launch of one of the most anticipated gadgets for this year, the Apple iPad and as per reports from China, Apple Inc. could very well be looking forward to design and develop a new generation of Mini Apple iPads that are believed to have a display screen size of 5-7 inches, which puts it somewhere in the middle of an iPhone and the current generation iPad. These all new Mini iPads are expected to be available in the year 2011.

It seems Apple Inc. is trying to target the consumer base that, require tablet devices only to read and for less text input requirements, all the while yearning for such a device to be a dedicated gaming platform and yet cost considerably less than the normal iPad cost of $400. If such a device does indeed materialize, then it would be up to time to see the success of the mini iPad that, would actually become a cross breed between an iPhone and a regular sized iPad.

However, the mini iPad is expected to provide support for HTML5 web standard, that by the next year will become a full fledged web supporting device.

Via Nexus 404

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