Make your Road Trips More Fun & Entertaining With The All New 22 inch Flip Down Car Monitor!

One of the most attractive aspects of a family road trip, besides the outing itself is the sheer amount of entertainment that you can pack for the road, thanks to the ever evolving mobile entertainment technologies. Be it a portable gaming console or a DVD player, the in car entertainment has over the time seen an immense leap in the way it revolutionized the way we travel.

However, if there is one thing that surely puts a dent into the DVD experience with the in-car TV panels is the size of these flat screen panels, that are designed to be compatible with the headrests and thus greatly minimize their screen size. But now, LightInTheBox is offering an all new in car TV screen that will not only make your movies seem larger than life but is also incredibly big in terms of conventional car TV panels.

The all new 22 inch Flip Down Car Monitor features a 22 inch screen that can be attached to the roof of your car and then be flipped down to provide incredible video quality. This all new panel provides a 1400 x 900 screen resolution and also features two video and one audio input and completely compatible with both PAL and NTSC bands.

The all new flip down car monitor has been given its very own light dome and works with an infra red remote control. This incredible screen would be ideal to watch your favorite movies on the go and the kids can even plug in their gaming consoles and play their most cherished gaming titles. This unique car accessory carries a price tag of $263.99.

Via Red Ferret

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