iRa Pro: A Truly Expensive iPhone App

Sometimes, people tend to spend on things that they do not want, and on things that they do not need. However, sometimes people even spend on things that are atrociously useless. For instance, the iRa Pro, which costs $899.99 is one of those apps that you really do not need to purchase.

It is not only horrendously expensive, but it is also quite useless unless you are into spying or espionage. It apparently “links a phone to a surveillance camera network”. However, if you own a parking lot and have parked your Bugatti Veyron in it, you could go ahead and get yourself this app, and that too if you own an iPhone.

Such a likelihood is very low, and hence this is app is not only not worth the money you would spend on it, but it is also quite unnecessary to be bought. I would say, you could try and purchase some video surveillance gadget instead of spending nearly $1,000 for an iPhone app. This could be just another app and you would not have suspected if it were sold for 99 cents, but since it is priced at $899.99, it had to be written about!

Via: Book of Joe

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