Gorgeous Illuminating Touch Lamps From Steve Dubosky Now Available For Sale

The founder of the famed MyTouchLampsStore.com, Steve Dubosky has now announced the launch of his all new line of decorative Touch Lamps that illuminate any room with a simple touch from the user. These all new touch lamps are switched on and off by the gesture of touch and are available in various designs including military, celebrity, racing etc.

The all new illuminated touch lamps from Steve Dubosky work on the biological principle of capacitance, which in more layman terms, is the ability of a living creature to store an internal charge. By working on this factor, these illuminated touch lamps are made extensively sensitive to touch and can even respond to the touch of your pet animals, as they also carry an internal electric charge in inside their bodies.

This gorgeous and unique collection of touch lamps are available in brass, chrome, Tiffany-style and portray various designs ranging from celebrity, armed forces, racing, floral, animal, religious and more. Mr. Dubosky has stated that, the shoppers should frequently visit his website, as he is planning to include more additions to his collection and these new additions will also be portraying sport designs such as, NBA and NFL.

According to Steve Dubosky,

“Never again will you have to fiddle around in the dark for the light switch; a simple touch allows you to set the lighting at low, medium or high.”

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