Google Completely Overshadows Yellow Pages In Australia!

One of the biggest and foremost names across the globe in the field of print classifieds, Yellow Pages seems to have now fell victim to the digital age. As per a recent survey, the Yellow Pages are now being considered to be obsolete and the all the respondents agreed that, Google Inc. is the sole destination, where anything can be found, with just a few key strokes and clicks of a mouse.

The survey for Yellow Pages vs Google Inc. was conducted by Melbourne SEO Services and involved respondents chosen randomly off the street. These participants were asked a number of question such as, “How do you search for products and services you need?”, “What search engine do you use most?“, and “How often do you use Google?” among other questions. The results that came out of this survey clearly indicates the rapidly diminishing impact of the print industry, as the digital world grows exponentially. 53.85%, of respondents stated that, for more than year, they didn’t use the Yellow Pages, while a 100% of all participants admitted that, they used Google to find what they were looking for.

Yellow Pages on the other hand have understood the current as well as future search trends, where the users don’t even bother to go to the second page of Google search result page. Yellow Pages has been exploring options to keep itself alive via online activities and the company has already entered into agreements with Google and Bing to provide sponsored business listings for their local customers.

According to David Jenyns (Melbourne SEO),

“It’s obvious the attitudes and habits of consumers have clearly shifted, with people switching to the internet to find products and services within their local area. I think the writing is on the wall for many offline print publications – the consumers are voting with their eye balls.”

Via PR Web

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