Glam Media Launches Apple iPad Mobile Brands Ad Platform, GlamMobile

One of the foremost names in online women’s content, Glam Media Inc. has now announced the launch of an all new vertical, by the name of GlamMobile Publisher Platform for iPad & Mobile Devices. This all new service will enable the advertisers to significantly expand their reach to the online women audience, especially via the means of mobile devices. Glam Media is already a very well established and renowned name in Japan and now with the launch of this all new initiative, the company it seems is now focusing its attention for all of its 1,500 publishers to help them optimize their websites for mobile platforms.

The advertisers on the other hand will be able to benefit greatly from the GlamMobile program, as they would now be given access to multi device platforms, meaning that, they would be able to render their advertisements not only the iPad but also on other mobile devices as well. This would create a much needed bridge between the mobile and online portals and as per details, the advertisers will now be able to advertise on iPad without the need of Flash or Shockwave.

The publishers on the Glam Media network will be given crucial assistance for the transition of their regular online sites to mobile formats and thus will be able to reach out to a larger number of audience, thereby, increasing the chances of revenue generation. Glam Media is said to have more than 500,000 articles and posts, more than 100,000 videos and over 20 million micro blog posts across its network.

According to Samir Arora (CEO, Glam Media),

“Mobile devices are the fastest growing way that people are engaging with content on the Internet. As the leader in Vertical Media, Glam continues to pioneer technology that allows advertisers and publishers to engage users across the digital lifestyle. Across Glam’s 1,500 publisher properties, we are already seeing mobile traffic double quarter-over-quarter.”

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