C-12 Carbon Fiber jet boat, the lightest and strongest of its kind

Here is a new boat that reminds you of those cool and hi-tech looking crafts from james Bond movies. Jason Carrington, a professional yachtsman and boat-builder from Lymington, UK, has teamed up with Humphreys Yacht Design to create an absolutely amazing jet boat called the C-12.

Manually made from a Nomex honey comb core and covered in carbon fiber, this boat is lightweight and has the maneuverability matching a jet ski due to adjustable twin impellers or water jets which take in water through a grille at the front and eject it in back, propelling the boat forward. Boasting of a dry weight of 1,200kg, speeds of up to 45 knots in calm water and a range of 700 miles, the 30-ft. boat is the lightest and strongest in its class.

The open deck at the rear has two Steyr MO236 diesel engines and twin water jets. An open transom creates a beach-deck effect. It also has hand-stitched leather details and chiseled cockpit mountings that make it look personalized. The bows have a cabin with a double berth, lavatory, galley and wine rack. Carrington plans to build only four boats every year. In the future, we might also see its 44-ft version. Priced at £300,000 it is the best your money can buy.

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