ARRI Alexa Supercamera for those who can spend the big bucks

How the world looks depends on the eyes that see it. The same is the case with camera. They capture the reality surrounding us, but the quality of that reality depends on the quality of that camera. For all those aspiring film makers and cinematographers, a good camera is the absolutely essential. We know that most of them have light pockets, but for those lucky ones who don’t, ARRI’s Alexa is surely the camera to spend those bucks on.

Adorning a heavy price tag of $60,000, this supercamera from the renowned film camera makers has drool worthy features. It has a Super 35 CMOS Bayer sensor developed by ARRI themselves. The sensor allows the user to shoot uncompressed 2K resolutions to an external hard drive, or alternatively in a 1080p to flash memory. An SxS card module facilitates this, which can be swapped out for other future storage needs.

There’s more! The Alexa supercamera allows you to click high-definition, 1080p video and send it to Final Cut Pro. Once you do that you can easily edit it without the going through the arduous and time taking task of converting the video first. ARRi is now trying to come to the level of RED, in the high-end, professional-caliber digital camera market with the Alexa.

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