Prive’ International brings out phones made of solid gold!

If Midas had a phone, I am sure it would have been exactly like the Gold Prive’ Phone. I mean seriously! How cool is it to have a phone made of gold! In this bling crazed world, nothing has been left, which hasn’t received the Midas touch. Prive’ International’s Gold Phone is another offering in the super luxurious genre of gold gadgets.

However, this is not one of those run-of-the-mill gold plated phones. We are talking solid gold out here. Solid Gold! Yes, this retro brick phone is made of nine hundred grams of 22ct solid gold. There is more; this gold phone also has an eye popping 76 diamonds (23ct) encrusted on the color screen to dazzle even the most hard to impress bling lovers.

How much does it cost to lay hands on this super luxurious phone? Well! Well! This sparkling phone will be yours if you can manage £139,995 (about $212,500). Considering this phone is made of diamonds and solid gold, it isn’t really over-priced. What’s more is that you also get a complimentary $20,000 worth one year membership to Prive’ International. This means that you will have access to all of Prive’ International’s luxury amenities, which include private jets, yachts and even vacation properties. These phones come in a limited edition and only 10 phones will be available through Prive’s International and Stuart Hughes.

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