Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Get Canine Ambassadors

All hotels try to be the home away from home, and in most cases, a little more than that perhaps! The famous Fairmont Hotels & Resorts are no exception. In fact, from what we are told, the folks there are being pampered with a special and innovative facility never heard or talked of before. It is the concept of ‘Canine Ambassadors’ that we are talking about.

Select Fairmont Hotels & Resorts all over the world have these gorgeous pooches taking residence so that the guests, who has to leave their pet dogs behind, can be in the company they enjoy so much. At the California Inn & Spa, one can have the pleasure of meeting Zeus, who is a handsome chocolate labrador. And he is just one of the many.

This is a complimentary option offered by the hotel. The dogs can join guests on walks, participate in various games and get an appreciative scratch behind the ear. Other canines in service at the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts includes Smudge, a gold Labrador Retriever at New Brunswick, Canada. Even Volga and Ducia are from the same dog family and are stationed at Kenya. And if you become too fond of these pooches, the Fairmont staff will be more than happy to email you, updating you of their recent activities.

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