A Jaguar XJ220 Left To Rot, Shocking!

It is unbelievable! A fine example of motor engineering and designing left out to eat dust all these years. We are talking about the Jaguar XJ220 which should ideally be cherished, driven and well loved but such was not the fate of the car that was found on some dusty Middle Eastern street, wilting like a piece of discarded metal.

We are miffed and there would be many others who would feel so. For the uninitiated, let us tell you that the XJ220 was a project undertaken by the Jaguar team in the early 1990s. And from its very launch, the car was a hit with great technical specs. It had the power of hitting 220 miles per hour (which was the reason why the roadster was named so) and even enjoyed the title of the fastest street-legal automobile for many years until the McLaren F1 took away the title.

So far only 281 units of the car were manufactured. This particular one discovered in the Middle East was built like the rest of them in England. There on, it made its way to Beirut, Lebanon and then Qatar. An undeserving owner, we think. What’s your take?

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  • My take is that it’s not in the desert but on the side of the road, there are buildings and other cars around the beast. For all we know the owner just bought the car and is planning to restore it!, nothing but wild speculation is surrounding this story so far.

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