Travel In Luxury & Style With Your Very Own Private Cabin On International Airlines

The grey area between private luxury jets and the executive class seating of commercial airlines has been a constant topic of debate, where the luxuries available in both scenarios differ from each other in various aspects and creates a thin line between the equally rich. However, that grey area is now being filled by international airlines as three of the foremost air travel services, Singapore Airlines, Etihad and Emirates have now begun a program under which, passengers are now offered private cabins for their travel, which is just short of owning a private jet.

The all new private cabins on commercial airlines provide the passenger with all of the modern luxury amenities, such as a 23-inch television, inbuilt massager, champagne (Billecart-Salmon, Brut Blanc de Blancs 2002 or Baudry Brut Rose) and on top of these, the cuisines served to the travelers are said to have been selected by an International Culinary Panel of chefs.  This all new super first class program seems to have been implemented for businessmen, sportsmen, celebrities and couples on their honeymoon. The interiors of the these private cabins also consist of 6ft 7ins bed, leather interior, wash unit and room service.

The fares for these private cabin come with a pretty hefty price tags, as Etihad charges $3,205 for a one way first class ticket to Abu Dhabi. In a similar fashion, Emirates charge $3,385 for one way trip from Heathrow to Dubai and the Singapore Airlines being the most expensive among all three, with its $5,320 for a one way trip. Even though, most of the international airlines are expected to adopt its unique travel arrangement, one of he most preferred of them all, British Airways, is said to have kept its distance form this new trend.

According to Singapore Airlines,

“For that type of passenger, money really isn’t an issue. You are talking about top chief executives or people who are independently wealthy.”

Via Telegraph

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