Eco-Friendly 360 Vodka Goes The Cola & Chocolate Way!

And there we heard someone talk about how vodka doesn’t really have a taste of its own. As in you always need to concoct it with a strong flavored accompaniment to add flavor to the smoothness of this popular liquor. But looks like someone was so so wrong. Ask 360 Vodka and they will elaborate. This eco-friendly brand has been talked about before but now it has garnered a lot of buzz all over again for extending its branches into two flavors – cola and double chocolate.

These two are the new vodkas from their brewries and 70 proof. The bottles continue with the same look as the original 85 per cent that we have learned to love so much. By the way, they use recycled glass and a signature unique closure.

Might we add, both the new flavors have been touched with natural tastes and delicious smells. The cola vodka is dark in a gorgeous shade of caramel while the double chocolate is surprisingly clear (when we were expected something close to the chocolate-y brown we love to binge on). Experts have given them a thumbs up with a B+ grade. The bottles come quite cheap at $20. Worth a try, we guess!

Via drinkhacker

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