A Chess Set Made From Real Money & A Lot Of Fun

If you have it, then flaunt it! And we are always there to help you, guide you buy the thing that will further up your status in elite society. Our latest recommendation goes for unique chess sets. We know, we know that you already have one in the study but we think that it is perhaps time to replace it with yet another luxurious deal. The limited edition chess set that we laid our eyes on stays true to the adage ‘playing with money’.

Steev AtBlueDust, an instructables member, is responsible for creating this spectacular money version of the board game. There is no money invloved just that the game has been made out of money. Yep, you heard it right for some $3,660 in notes and coins have been used to make this little extravagant affair.

The designer has also taken the pains to provide step by step instruction for this chess set. Some are funny, some are strange but it’s kindah fun to rob a bank in case you ended up spending all you money. From what we hear, you can even increase the sum total value of the chess set by placing a special request or just do it yourself!

Via instructables

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