Frito-Lay has taken a step towards Going Green

The garbage accumulation from the discarded food packets is a growing concern. They are not bio-degradable and hence their accumulation is not good. Frito-Lay has come up with a solution by introducing 100% compostable bag for their SunChips snacks in the US and Canada. This bag would be made up of plant-based polylactic acid and completely biodegrade within about 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin.

Frito-Lay apparently spent four years to develop this bag. It has three layers – an outer layer with graphics, an inner layer that serves as a barrier to protect the chips, and a middle layer to connect the other two layers together.

Once finished, the bags were submitted to the independent Wood’s End laboratory, which certified their compost ability. The bags are also certified from the Biodegradable Products Institute.

It is reported that Frito-Lay is also working on a national composting awareness program with the US Composting Council, recycling educators Earth 911, and Al gore’s Current TV. Some may regard this initiative as another big corporation trying to boost its image by going green. But for all you know, this could be here to stay.

Thanks, SunChips!

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