Halden-Caviglia Showcases can transform your Flat-screen TV into a home theater!

For those who want their homes to look opulent and want it without spending the big bucks, here is Hayden Cavoglia’s Flat Screen Showcases that are designed in a way that transform your simple looking televisions into something quite close to a home theater.Utility and style don’t always match, when it comes to home décor. We have these functional items like the television, which no living room can do without. However, for most of us these large, monotonous looking television sets rarely match with the rest of the furniture. Be it the desire to have a more expensive looking TV system or the decorative need, the Hayden Cavoglia company is trying to create a novel product segment that will cater to these needs.

“There is a rich history of entertainment products serving dual purpose as art – just look at antique radios, old jukeboxes and classic theaters. Halden-Caviglia is bringing back this level of artistry and craftsmanship and applying it to the flat screen television market.” said Rick Caviglia, co-founder, Halden-Caviglia.

Each Showcase will be wired with its own integrated amplifier and dual speakers. You also have the option of using your own external speakers.  The great thing about these designs is that they have dual, ball-bearing fans and passive ventilation which ensure proper ventilation in order to protect your flat screen from damage by overheating. The lighting design gives a low energy, accent lighting in most of d models. Fans and speaker amplifiers are programmed to turn on as soon as you switch on your television. An IR-repeater ensures that connection between the TV and remote-control doesn’t break due to the cabinet. Each showcase has an appropriate mounting system, including a table mounting system which ensure that it can be mounted anywhere.

Those interested can buy it by paying anything between US$7,495-US$11,495 depending upon the Showcase model chosen. These models are suitable for standard or super-slim TV’s ranging between 42” to 65”. Showcases come in three sizes: large, medium and small and can be customized upon request.

Via: Halden-Caviglia , Gizmag

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