Madonna Fills 25 Louis Vuitton Suitcases with Luxury Goods

There couldn’t be anyone better than ol’ Madge to exemplify material success. The material girl was seen at the Heathrow airport with her two adopted children and while that is not surprising, two porters lugged trolleys laden with Louis Vuitton suitcases. A little birdie tells us that there were a total of 25 pieces of luggage and they were all stuffed with luxury goods.

Madonna surely knows that modesty is something that is immodest, and only those who are pretentiously virtuous wear the garb of modesty. When you have money, you would certainly do the same that Madonna did, and you would carry several Louis Vuitton cases filled with riches as well. Madonna would be settling in Marylebone in Central London where she would settle for a period of 6 months.

London and Madonna are inseparable friends and even if she tried to leave London, London would not leave her just like what she says about Hollywood. Perhaps, London is the new Hollywood for Madonna and her fans. Meanwhile, if you would like to call yourself rich, better get at least a dozen pieces of Louis Vuitton suitcases.

Via: Telegraph

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