Devialet Preamplifier Could Just Be what the Music Lover Wanted

If you were looking for a great way to enjoy music, you should go and get yourself this wonderful Devialet® D-Premier which is an amazing preamplifier. It comes with ADH® core (Analogue Digital Hybrid) and thanks to generous power and sensible features, you could use it with a large number of loudspeakers and you would get the best signal-to-noise ratio, the lowest intermodulation, the lowest output impedance, and an amazing quality of sound.

It looks really luxurious, thanks to the 32 mm high carved out and polished aluminium block and you could choose to place it anyway you want. It is discreet and blends in the ambience of your house and does not need a lot of installation efforts.

You could go ahead and get it and place it anywhere you want. The best part about these devices are that they will look good no matter what and you could proudly show off in front of your snobbish friends that you have better taste than they do. So go ahead and get this one. It is not clear how much it may cost and there is no information about the availability

Via: Absolute Sounds

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