Berlin-based Studio Aisslinger Creates Portable Vacation Home Concept

Vacation homes are great but the only problem with them is that they are stationary and you would have to stay in the same house no matter what. Thus, a house that is portable could be the best vacation house. This idea was conceived by Berlin-based Studio Aisslinger who has created the FinCube. It is being touted as a vision of temporary living and is being claimed as one of the most green vacation houses ever.

It has all that it needs including a design that is modular, sustainable, transportable and low-energy. It was built near Bozen in Northern Italy and is now moved to Ritten. The house comes with 360 degrees of glazing and wooden slats and requires very little soil.

Temporary hotel zones could be created too, and one need not alter the beautiful natural surroundings as this is least invasive and could be installed wherever one pleases. It is designed well, and is futuristic enough to be in vogue for the next couple of decades at least. It sure is one hell of a design that people would appreciate no matter what.

Via: Core 77

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