1929 Austin Car Found in Garage Still Works!

Old and vintage cars have a beauty that is almost unparalleled. This could be because we hold anything that is old as golden and we value our own history so much for we know that one can never get the lost period again. Thus, cars that are old and those that come from a different era are valued highly in modern times. Vintage cars have been bought and sold by collectors for millions of dollars.

This time around a rare Austin which was locked up in a garage for 50 years was found by the son of the owner of the car, and when he started the engine it actually worked! This means, the Austin was built in such a great condition that even after all these decades the car still works.

The car was manufactured during the 1929 Wall Street Crash and U.K. was quite spared of that economic disaster. Nevertheless the car has seen it all and even survived the German bombing during the World War II and still is good enough to be ridden. This car must be worthy a lot and if someone could evaluate its value, I am sure it would run to millions.

Via: BBC

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