W Hotels Unveil their Signature Music Compilation “Symmetry”

These days, visiting or staying at a hotel is not about just staying, but it is about a lifestyle experience. Thus, you get to buy the scent that is used in your room, the bed sheet that you might have used or you could even purchase the soap that you used. The idea is to carry home a piece of memory from the hotel at a cost.

For the first time in the history of hospitality, W Hotels are selling the experience of sound available in their hotel. Symmetry, the first CD curetted by W’s New Global Music Director Michaelangelo L’Acqua is produced by Sony Music Entertainment’s Commercial Music Group. It was released at a party in W South Beach. The party also had The Golden Filter perform live.

Some of the artists that you could find on the CD are gossip – Four Letter Word, Daniel Merriweather – Impossible (Venice Sunset Remix),  The XX – Crystalised, Sébastien Tellier – Roche,  Bebel Gilberto – Sun Is Shining and  Empire of the Sun – We Are The People (The Golden Filter Remix). The CD costs $15, and could be a great way to experience their hotel without even visiting it.

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  • Hotels have been giving out / selling custom CD’s for MANY years. The Mondrian on the Sunset
    strip had one for sale as far back as 10 years ago in an all white package to match their all white
    design motif. The concept of the branded lifestyle CD had been around for a long time with a
    company from Burlington Vermont , Rock River Music, becoming the unlikely leader in this
    field with releases by The Gap, Restoration Hardware and yes, THEY are the ones that put together
    the CD for the W. They have also done discs for the Holiday Inn, The Tropicana, Ford and the
    Pottery Barn.

    Not a new concept, but a nice one. I’d rather have a a stylized USB flash drive
    with the companies logo on it that contained music, pics, menus, and other lifestyle
    content associated with the hotel rather than a souvenir CD that will end up in some pile
    of in the trash. The USB drive would be something I would display with pride!

    BTW – I am new to Elite Choice – NICE BLOG!!!

  • Sony Music is got to be the leader in the music industry, they got PSP, music records and movie productions.

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