Ferrari Seat Chairs Would Regale F1 Fans

Ferrari fans do not limit their car craze to just their Ferraris but they also extend it to other weird accessories and products. If you are a Ferrari fan, here is how you could get your craze to your office: You could go ahead and buy yourself a cool custom made carbon fibre office chair which comes with the seat of a Ferrari F360 Challenge car by OMP.

These seats are removed from used cars, and thus you can expect your chair to have blemishes and small marks. You could choose the colour of the base of the chair and it comes with black Connolly leather with dark grey stitching. They all also have some amazing fully adjustable arm rests, seat height, and tilt. The Ferrari Seat Chair costs $8,000 and no single chair looks the same.

I am sure most Ferrari and F1 fans would be elated to buy a chair like this. The funny thing is, you could buy a good car for the price of this chair in several countries. Of course, when you like a brand a lot you certainly would not mind spending a little-extra on something that is inspired by your favourite brand.

Via: Carbon Fiber Gear

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