Cuba Churns out World’s Finest Cohiba Behike Cigar with Rare Ingredients

Cigars and Cigarettes are known to be killers that travel in packs, but having said that it’s difficult imagine any business magnate in a sparkling suit without a cigar in his hand. Cuba has been a roaring mill for world-class cigars and is all set to leave cigar lovers awestruck with its hallmark Cohiba Behike cigar.

Non-smokers might be cynical about the hype and enthusiasm circling the launch of a cigar but promoters say that it boasts of setting new standards among smokers.  They also suggest that the demand figures are overwhelming to an extent that the supply definitely can offset with it. Owing to its grandeur and taste, it is expected people will hatch these for as much as 10 years.

Cuban cigars are known to score high on all parameters be it the brand, size or the taste and  Cohiba Behike will only turn out to be an epitome of that fact. A certain rare leaf used her is what makes this cigar so special. It is upper leaves of the tobacco plant called the medio tiempo, but all identical plantings will produce that make it rare and the most-sought-after stuff. The cigars will be available in three sizes for a price of £25 ($36), £33 ($48) and £39 ($57) each respectively.

Via: CNN

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